Par November 2, 2013

Top 10 Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs when Starting a Business

mistakes entrepeneurs makeA number of startup ideas always fail and unsuccessful for a number of business organizations. In the majority of cases, failures have no concerns with the business ideas, but are capable to handle the business side. The areas covering entrepreneurship involves basic structure of your business, and then its operations (that what your business is intended to serve). Following are the top failure causes while starting a business.


  1. Inadequate start-up ideas development: A majority of startups are not ineffective but the business ideas are factors that make them insufficient. The issue is that a number of beginners fail to plan their business operations before investing their money in starting a business. It does not matter how much your business idea is great, if it is not planned properly you can never get successful.
  2. Failure to comply and understand legal obligations: A large number of business associates overlook legal factors of starting a business and leave the job for someone else or even worse, simply ignore them.
  3. No or poor marketing planning: Advertisement and marketing is the basic factor to start a business, and it should be better than yellow pages and business cards ads. A significant part of your expense budget and time must be held for marketing. No or poor marketing is equal to no sales- which means total failure of your business.
  4. No or poor financial management: Business success is about this bottom line- no revenue, no business. Maintaining the books correctly and properly is a half part of your battle. A number of beginners always want to turn over the responsibilities to maintain books on someone else- which is really dangerous that could lead you to business failures.
  5. Errors in sale forecasting: Determining your primary sales would be difficult, but you can get help from certain procedures to get as accurate and realistic forecasts as possible.
  6. Under capitalization: Starting a business with insufficient capital is the most common mistake that almost every associate made. Through a complete planning about your operations and ideas, you will be able to calculate the amount of money you need.
  7. Poor website presence: A visible and effective website existence is also a must for a business to be successful. It is not a matter to simply post a website. Indeed, you need to update or upgrade it on regular basis so as to inform visitors with latest proceedings in your company.
  8. Hiring professionals for critical tasks: A large number of business associates consider that they can run a business with solid operations and good ideas, and that is why, they hire experts to perform critical jobs such as accounting and marketing.